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Sleep Whisperer


The past few years I’ve struggled with falling asleep, mostly because of issues with pain. I found the only time I would fall asleep was during times I was almost lulled to sleep, hypnotically. This still does not always work but when it does, I get the highest quality sleep.
Certain things can put me to sleep during the day time, golf and football announcers, things like that.

I found this YouTube Chanel that is similar and seriously puts me right to sleep.
There are tons of these YouTube Channels, but I prefer The Water Whispers Channel.
They talk in soft monotone whispers and make a variety of soothing sounds such as tapping, scratching, typing, rubbing, etc.
if you have trouble sleeping give it a shot… What do you have to lose if you’re already tossing and turning.

The Water Whispers