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Lost in New Mexico-Damn You AT&T

My sister moved to Mississippi a few months ago with her family so her husband could take a new job with the shipyard. I flew into Mississippi this week so that I could drive back to Vegas with my sister and my nieces so they weren’t driving cross country alone.
On the road with my AT&T cell service, It was smooth sailing until we hit New Mexico. I’d love to know what AT&T has against the state of New Mexico? I kid you not, the moment we drive under the state line sign, both of our AT&T phones showed no service.
After an hour with no service I dialed 611 thinking maybe AT&T could inform me just how far into New Mexico we had to drive before we would have cell service again. I reiterated to the first, second, and third, person I spoke to that we were lost and because we had no service our GPS was not able to work.
The first girl had no clue what to tell us other than the service is iffy in New Mexico and of course shortly after my call failed. She did not bother to call me back even though she had been told we were lost.
I called three more times and received call failed errors before I finally got through again.
The second girl informed me that she was a billing rep and could only transfer me.
The third girl told me how to reset my network, which did not work.
None if these girls offered me information on when to expect service back, a credit, directions….
Way to go AT&T customer service!
I’d switch carriers but I know they are all the same it really doesn’t matter who you have…
So frustrated!
They’re lucky we’re on the 40-West for a long time so we’re not truly lost but if this had happened in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas or anywhere else we’d be screwed!