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Lost in New Mexico-Damn You AT&T

My sister moved to Mississippi a few months ago with her family so her husband could take a new job with the shipyard. I flew into Mississippi this week so that I could drive back to Vegas with my sister and my nieces so they weren’t driving cross country alone.
On the road with my AT&T cell service, It was smooth sailing until we hit New Mexico. I’d love to know what AT&T has against the state of New Mexico? I kid you not, the moment we drive under the state line sign, both of our AT&T phones showed no service.
After an hour with no service I dialed 611 thinking maybe AT&T could inform me just how far into New Mexico we had to drive before we would have cell service again. I reiterated to the first, second, and third, person I spoke to that we were lost and because we had no service our GPS was not able to work.
The first girl had no clue what to tell us other than the service is iffy in New Mexico and of course shortly after my call failed. She did not bother to call me back even though she had been told we were lost.
I called three more times and received call failed errors before I finally got through again.
The second girl informed me that she was a billing rep and could only transfer me.
The third girl told me how to reset my network, which did not work.
None if these girls offered me information on when to expect service back, a credit, directions….
Way to go AT&T customer service!
I’d switch carriers but I know they are all the same it really doesn’t matter who you have…
So frustrated!
They’re lucky we’re on the 40-West for a long time so we’re not truly lost but if this had happened in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas or anywhere else we’d be screwed!

Communicating in a Relationship


Communication is so important in a relationship. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years and still have to work to keep open lines of communication everyday.
If you can’t communicate with your spouse or significant other, you’ll never resolve any issues. I’ve found over the years that this just leads to fights over little issues when you’re really fighting over something much bigger and deeper.
In a relationship there’s no room for arrogance, ego, pride, or entitlement. If you can’t find a way to talk to your partner in a way that they can understand then let’s face it, you’re relationship will not make it through the test of time.
I’ve found one way to get my thoughts together in a non confrontational way is to write a letter to my husband. This may sound silly to most people but it accomplishes so much:
1. Express myself fully and giving myself time to think carefully about what I want to say and how I want to say it.
2. Allows my husband to take in my thoughts/feelings in a non confrontational environment
3. Gives my husband time to process what I’m REALLY trying to say to him
4. After he has had time to absorb and think about what I’ve written, it opens the door up the door for an honest and heartfelt conversation about our feelings.
If you do this and you are honest with yourself and your spouse AND take away any ego, pride, arrogance, and feelings of entitlement you may have, this is a great tool to communicate with a partner when all other methods have failed.

S.1407 – Computer Science Education and Jobs and Learn Code at Home


I have recently written my state senator regarding an education bill Computer Science Education and Jobs Act of 2013 (S.1407). This bill would amend the education program to make computer sciences a core subject in academics.
I’m becoming shocked that we don’t offer more computer science education to our kids when technology is becoming so important in our world today. It is essential that our kids learn about computers to keep America competitive in the world market.

I would urge all of you to take time out to visit this site and write your local congress about this bill. Give our kids and the future of America a leg up in their future.

Write your local Senate/Congress

To find out more about this bill visit:
S.1407:Computer Science Education and Jobs Act of 2013

Other site of interest:

Learn to write computer code at home. This is a great site that teaches simple programming code for kids and adults.



I have to admit that lately I’ve been feeling really homesick. I live in Las Vegas but was born in New Orleans. I recently saw a quote that truly resonated with me:
You can live in any city in the world. But New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.
Those are probably the truest words I’ve ever read. The city of New Orleans is not just a city, it’s a culture, a feeling, a community of people that have been through hard times and still find a way to pick themselves up and survive. They not only survive, they survive and continue to carry on the great traditions and cultures that make the city great.
I feel sad that I’ve kept my kids from experiencing the great traditions and cultures that I was able to thrive in as a child. The older I get, the longer I’m away, the more I resent being away and want to go back.
I cannot wait for my kids to experience their first Mardi Gras, walk through the French Quarter, sample the amazing cuisine, music, historical sites. I could go on and on.
I also want them to enjoy the simpler things such as spending a week at camp with the family, fishing, trawling, big family seafood boils, the warm waters of the Gulf.

I found a song that sums up how I feel quite simply:
The South by: The Cadillac Three

This is where I was born and this is where I’ll die……

It’s all about the south!

Sleep Whisperer


The past few years I’ve struggled with falling asleep, mostly because of issues with pain. I found the only time I would fall asleep was during times I was almost lulled to sleep, hypnotically. This still does not always work but when it does, I get the highest quality sleep.
Certain things can put me to sleep during the day time, golf and football announcers, things like that.

I found this YouTube Chanel that is similar and seriously puts me right to sleep.
There are tons of these YouTube Channels, but I prefer The Water Whispers Channel.
They talk in soft monotone whispers and make a variety of soothing sounds such as tapping, scratching, typing, rubbing, etc.
if you have trouble sleeping give it a shot… What do you have to lose if you’re already tossing and turning.

The Water Whispers

Blogging About Real Life??


How do you blog about your real life? I so desperately want to write about the things that happen in my day to day life. I start to write it and stop myself because I don’t want to offend a real life family member or friend….
I feel trapped in the things I can and can’t write about because of this.
How do all of you seasoned bloggers handle this?